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The joys of lesbian sex...

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March 24th, 2005

11:57 pm - joke
A bus full of lesbians and a bus full of gay men were both going to the beach. Which one got there first?

Give up yet??

The lesbians because they were going 69 the whole way while the guys were still packing their shit.

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February 10th, 2005

11:45 pm

So... Today was a some what good day. 
I went in to take one of my math exams being TOTALLY not prepared. And by being not prepared... I don't mean I studied a little bit.  I mean I didn't even open the book or do the online course work... So i had NO IDEA what it was even about. lol.  Out of the 100 questions, i think i got about 60 right.  Which is not too bad for not even knowing what it was going to be about. lol. at least it wasn’t like 10.  I will get the results later, but i think i did some what ok since i knew some of the stuff from high school. 

After my test I walked over towards where i wait for my baby for when she gets out of class... and i decided to call  iheartgirls.  I am glad I did.  He and I had a nice talk.  I  was happy to hear a little more about him and his ex.  ::hugs iheartgirls  : : 

While we were talking Katie showed up and she walked me to my Developemental class and then she got to go home for the day.  I got an exam handed back and I got a B+ on it!!  Which was exciting, cause I was wishing for at least a C.  So woo hoo for me. 

I started working on Katie’s valentine some more tonight.  I should have it done by tomorrow.  Then I want to buy a few things too. 

I listened to TnS A LOT today while I was waiting for my class to start, on my break, on my way home, to the auto shop and back, and to subway and back.  Mmm mmm subway.  And mmm mmm TnS.. I love them so much. 

The only bad part of my day was to come out of subway and see my puppy (madison the lab) pulling on my rainbow lei and breaking it.  That is the SECOND ONE in the last 2 weeks.  I am so mad at her.  I don’t have anymore.  So now I have to search for a new one. 

Tomorrow I don’t have work or school.. so I get to sleep in and be lazy. Haha.. what I am talking about.. I am lazy everyday.  =)

Current Mood: lazylazy
Current Music: I wont be left.. tns

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January 30th, 2005

12:43 am - FRIENDS ONLY
I didn't want to do a friends only page... But i decided it would be best.

I back tracked through past entries and made most of those FRIENDS ONLY. I am too tired to fix those ones. And the people i don't want to see those have seen them already since they are old.
So as of today all of my entries will be FRIENDS ONLY!

If you want me to add you just let me know. =) Thanks for your cooperation.
xoxo Dianna

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October 22nd, 2004

12:44 am
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September 24th, 2004

10:17 pm - The blood bank
Today Katie and I went to go give blood. We wanted to give blood to help out, and we wanted to find out our blood type. So we get there and fill out all the paper work, do the finger prick thing, and then i got brought to the chair. The lady tied that band thing on my arm and began poking at my veins. She then tied that band TIGHTER.. it was sooo tight on my muscle.. and then she began poking again. Then she went to the other arm and did the same shit. As soon as she got that thing on me and started poking at my veins i felt like i was going to throw up and pass out. I was getting all hot and quesy.As she was doing that she told me "Our needle isn't big enough for your veins so i am feeling for a bigger one" That REALLY made me feel better. lol. I was getting really scared.. Then she told me that i couldn't give blood because my veins were too small!! I have never heard of that. I was so happy! The 1st/last time i gave blood it was sooo bad. I was all bruised forever and it was sore and i felt like i was going to throw up too. I was working myself up, so i was so happy when she said i couldnt give blood. haha. I am such a baby.

Katie ended up being able to go through with it and she was doing good up until the end when they were cutting the blood tube and taking it out of her arm. After that her arms and legs went all numb, and she got all pale and she felt like she was going to pass out or throw up. I was getting all hot and wanted to throw up just watching. They had to get washcloths and put on her neck and face and they put a fan by her and brought her juice. It was kinda scary. They had her fake cough and lift her legs up and down. She ended up being ok. I had to drive home though.

We both decided we weren't going to give blood anymore. lol. We are babies. but NOW katie cant make fun of me for being scared to give blood. =)
Current Mood: nauseatednauseated
Current Music: Modest Mouse-Ocean Breaths Salty

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September 18th, 2004

01:14 am - Horse races..
Today i had to go to school (on my day off.. grr) to take a final exam that i missed for math. I was thinking that the was day to take the exam was friday the 16th... BUT the 16th was a THURSDAY. Not a friday. So i missed it. I emailed my teacher and told her and she said to go take it at my scheduled time and she would accept it 1 day late. So i did. I am soooo lucky. We have 4 finals in the class worth 300 points each. That would've sucked ass if i would have missed one of them. I am a lucky girl!

After i came home Katie and i went to South Sioux City Nebraska for horse races!! We met her mom, step dad, sister, brother in law, and 2 nieces. It was my first time at a horse race. It was really cool. Katie and i won a few and lost a few. We ended up leaving with $3.60 ahead. Wooo hooo. Big winners. hehe. It was fun, and so we are going back tomorrow. I can already see our addiction starting. Katie and I are BAD gamblers. I miss being in chico for ONE reason.. the Casino. =( Katie and I had some fun nights/mornings there. Haha. Coming home at like 5am and then having to go to work at 8 was always fun. It was worth it if we had won that night though. memories memories...
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Last dance for mary jane

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September 15th, 2004

12:30 am - itch itch itch
I have come to the conclusion that i hate iowas bugs. I have never seen/heard so many bugs in my whole life. Last night i went outside for maybe 30 minutes.. and today i wake up with TOOOOOONS of bites everywhere. They have like an infestation. I hate bug bites. I am itching so badly.
I wish katie was up.. I'm horny. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Current Mood: itchy
Current Music: Ani-Both hands

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September 14th, 2004

10:13 am - ...my weekend...(dont get TOO excited..)
My weekend seemed to go by fast. Saturday and Sunday Katie and I helped Ramon and Lisa (katies sister and her husband) paint the outside of their new house. They are painting it a red and beige. It looks really nice.
Yesterday we went to court with Amanda (katies youngest sister.) Her rape case from 1999 is finally getting started. That seems like way to long to me. I dunno. But yesterday was the hearing to see if they will be chargin him as in adult or a child since they were 13 at the time.
I am getting A's in all of my classes still. It's almost been a month and i have them all up. The trick now is to keep them up. =)

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September 6th, 2004

11:23 pm - memories..
It's funny how a song can take you back...

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11:06 pm - Tetanus shot tomorrow..
I most likely have to get a stupid tetanus shot tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. I hate shots. And I have heard that your arm aches after it. grrr. I am scared.

This weekend went by WAY to fast. I didn't even get to really sleep in. Today i slept in till 10. But i wanted a day to sleep ALL DAY. I should've had a few since it was a 4 day weekend for me. =(

off to bed i go.. xoxo Dianna

Oh yeah.. dont you love when people ask you what you want for your bday and then don't get you anything. What's the point of asking if you aren't even getting anything? I dunno just a thought. Oh yeah.. annnnnnnd don't you love when your "friends" dont have time to call you or email you on your bday? And you hear from them.. let's see... about 2 weeks after your bday? Fun fun. How sweet huh?
Sorry..I am just venting. I was thinking about my bday today in the bath.
Current Mood: scaredscared
Current Music: Iris.. goo goo dolls

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